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Ever needed to make Gravity Forms show or hide fields, confirmations or notifications based on complex criteria?

Finally, you can use multiple groups of conditional logic for fields, confirmations, and even notifications!

This plugin has been extended from the original snippet on GitHub in order to support both back-end and front-end validation, confirmations, and notifications.


  • Use Advanced Conditional Logic to show/hide the Next button on multi page forms. New!
  • Use Advanced Conditional Logic to show/hide the form submit buttonNew!
  • Use Advanced Conditional Logic to determine which confirmation to show after right after form submission.
  • Use Advanced Conditional Logic with notifications.
  • Enable Advanced Logic rules to show/hide individual form fields.
  • Field logic works with most plugins that rely on Gravity Forms standard Conditional Logic.
  • Back-end Validation, Confirmations and Notifications obey Advanced Logic rules.
  • Direct contact with the developer if you have any questions or need help.
  • Unlimited updates for a year

Minimum Requirements:

  • WordPress 4.5 (5.0+ Recommended)
  • GravityForms v2.3 (v2.4+ Recommended)

This plugin is based on work done by Gravity Perks, and requires Gravity Forms installed and a valid license in order to work properly.


v1.8 – 27/09/2019

  • Show/hide NEXT button on multi-page forms
  • Embed Vue library for more reliable admin editor

v1.7 – 24/09/2019

  • Add support for “in CSV”, and “not in CSV” operators for comparing against a list of comma-separated values
  • Fix –or– divider not showing on admin editor when ‘no-conflict’ scripts enabled in Gravity Forms settings

v1.6 – 09/09/2019

  • Add support for Form’s Submit Button
  • Add support for multi-part fields. e.g. “Address (Street 1)”, “Address (City)”, etc
  • Fix issue with notifications sending in reverse (acting like ‘hide’ instead of ‘show’)
  • Rewrite logic editor for admin screens for greater stability

v1.5.2 – 03/09/2019

  • Fix conflict with Gutenberg Bock Editor

v1.5 – 26/08/2019

  • Setup automated updates
  • Display admin notice when using an unsupported version of Gravity Forms
  • Fix issues with ‘hide’ logic. Including an issue where required fields in hidden sections were preventing form submission

v1.4 – 12/06/2019

  • Fix incompatibility issue with coupon addon
  • Tidy up field editor styling
  • Fix issue where “blank” conditions were interfering with standard conditional logic

v1.3.7 – 27/04/2019

  • Fix issue with “((blank))” options not working properly with checkboxes
  • Fix JS issue where front-end logic doesn’t work if core gForms JS is loaded in the footer

v1.3.6 – 16/04/2019

  • Fix “jQuery not defined errors” in JS console
  • Fix Product logic not viewing properly on admin View Entry page
  • Fix JS conflicts when using GP Nested Forms

v1.3.5 – 08/03/2019

  • Add support for placeholder text as an option with dropdowns

v1.3.4 – 04/03/2019

  • Add support for ((blank)) choice when selecting values of dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons
  • Add exclamation marks to highlight values that have changed from the original target field choices.

v1.3.3 – 10/02/2019

  • Fix compatibility with processing merge tags from entries after initial form submission (notifications, confirmations, GFCommon::replace_variables() calls, etc)

v1.3.2 – 08/02/2019

  • Fix issue with hidden fields appearing in {all_fields} merge tag

v1.3.1 – 05/02/2019

  • Fix issue with JS Output interfering with some REST Requests

v1.3 – 04/02/2019

  • Fix issue with incorrect validation of required fields

v1.2.2 – 21/12/2018

  • Refactor and improve compatibility with back-end rules processing
  • Fix JS display issues in form editor
  • Performance Improvements

v1.1 – 20/12/2018

v1.0 – 18/12/2018

  • Add support for advanced logic for Notifications. Yay!

v0.5 – 17/12/2018

  • Add support for advanced logic for Confirmations. Yay!
  • Tested on:
    • WordPress v5.0.1
    • GravityForms v2.4.3

v0.4.1 – 22/11/2018

  • Display Admin Labels for field selection when applicable

v0.4 – 17/07/2018

v 0.3.2 – 28/06/2018

  • Fix standard conditional logic rules being erased when Advanced Logic plugin enabled

v 0.3.1 – 31/05/2018

  • Remove dangling rules in standard Conditional Logic form editor when unchecking Advanced Conditional Logic

v 0.3 – 31/05/2018

  • Change rule value field to free text in form editor when comparing non-selection fields.

v 0.2 – 2017

  • Evaluate ALL rules, instead of only first rule
  • Evaluate rules when doing back-end validation so errors aren’t thrown for “required” fields when hidden

v 0.1 – 2017

  • Pulled from GitHub – Thanks GravityWiz!

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Unlimited – 1 year, Multi-Site (5 domains) – 1 year, 1 Site – Lifetime

6 reviews for Advanced Conditional Logic Pro for Gravity Forms

  1. 4 out of 5

    pascalegli23 (verified owner)

    does what it should. I recommend. the code quality can be improved though.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Brandon Mitchell

    Great product and great response from developer! Keep on making great improvements!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Vfarmernssl (verified owner)

    WORKS. So grateful!

  4. 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    Great plugin – high value! Keep doing awesome updated and I will keep up my subscription.

  5. 4 out of 5

    Sven Adam (verified owner)

    Works great with fields. One improvement suggestion though: Add advanced conditional logic to the submit button’s conditional logic, too.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Michael Hüthig (verified owner)

    Perfect! In addition it would be good to have the function to change a value of a textfield based on conditional logic.

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