Advanced Conditional Logic

How it works

Install, enable, and activate the plugin.

Any existing Conditional Logic in forms will remain unaffected by this plugin being activated.

Using Advanced Conditional Logic

To see the Advanced Conditional Logic options when editing a form field, open the Advanced tab.
Note: Disable Standard Logic to see the Advanced logic options.

“(Blank)” options

Use this option when you want the rule to match an empty field.

“In CSV” and “Not in CSV” operators

Use these operators when you want to check if a value is one of multiple options. Just enter a list of Comma Separated Values to check for (e.g: “val1, val2, val3, val4, etc”)

“Does Not Contain” Operator

Use this operator to match when a field should not contain a specified string.

What does “!!!” mean?

Sometimes we set the choices for a field(fieldA), then we make another field (fieldB) conditional on fieldA. Some time later, we might change the options on fieldA, which breaks the logic for fieldB. If you were to open fieldB with advanced conditional logic, you’d see “!!!”, which would tell you that the fieldA no longer has the original option. Unless you’re doing something clever, like generating FieldA’s choices dynamically, then the rule on fieldB will probably never match. You’ll want to update the rule to point to an option that actually exists.