Welcome to our documentation page. Here you can find all the general info you need for using our plugins and answers to the most common questions.

Advanced Conditional Logic

To see the Advanced Conditional Logic options when editing a form field, open the Advanced tab…

User Role Conditional Logic

To use and store the roles of the user submitting the form (recommended): Add the hidden User Roles field to your form, and the options will show up in your conditional logic as if they were a standard checkbox field…

Version Control for Gravity Forms

Once enabled, this plugin will automatically save backup versions of your gravity form each time you save the form. A new Revisions tab will show at the top your form, next to Settings and Entries, showing the number of revisions that have been saved.

ACL Feeds Extension

Requires Advanced Conditional Logic 2.0+ Adds support for using Advanced Conditional Logic with Feeds. E.g. GravityFlow Steps, User Registration, Paypal, and Stripe gateways, etc

ACL Field Comparison Extension

Requires Advanced Conditional Logic 2.0+ Adds support for comparing the value of one field to the value of another field. Once the ACL Field Comparison Extension plugin has been installed, there will be extra options showing up in the comparison dropdown with “- field” appended. The third dropdown will then display a list of all the fields in your form. Superpower your forms by hiding or showing fields if they match! Currently works for comparing single values to other single values, and single values to multiple values. Works for most standard inputs. (We are working on adding support for checkboxes