– Advanced Conditional Logic

v2.3.0 – 04/06/2024

  • fix status indicator CSS
  • use plugin version in script urls for cache busting

v2.2.1 – 06/04/2024

  • Only init ACL for relevant forms
  • Convert field ID’s to strings for field comparison logic (fix fatal JS error)
  • Fix for multiple forms on single page

v2.2.0 – 27/03/2024

  • Fix issues with Page Conditional Logic

v2.1.0 – 19/12/2023

  • Fix compatibility issues with Gravity Forms 2.8
  • Fix standard conditional logic active indicator

v2.0.3 – 04/07/2023

  • Fix issue with fatal error when using GravityView

v2.0.2 – 25/05/2023

  • Fix ‘invalid headers present’ error during fresh install on WordPress

v2.0.1 – 25/05/2023

  • Fix issue with Rules editor not saving in settings with SCRIPT_DEBUG set to false
  • Serve JS files from CDN

v2.0.0 – 20/05/2023

  • Increase Minimum GF Version to 2.7
  • Rewrite logic processor using new GravityForms hooks for increased performance and more robust logic checking
  • Cache placeholder logic when saving forms rather than when loading them
  • Rewrite front-end UI and embed in Flyout
  • Add support for extensions (field comparison extension, and feeds extension)

v1.9.5 – 20/05/2023

  • Prepare Updater for for release of v2.0
  • Only allow automatic updates after minimum requirements for next version are met

v1.9.4 – 10/01/2021

  • Fix ‘undefined’ labels when using standard logic in form settings

v1.9.3 – 19/11/2021

  • Fix issues with licensing
  • Fix bugs in GF2.4 and GF2.5
  • Run tests with PHP8.0 and fix bugs

v1.9.2 – 30/06/2021

  • Improve reliability of rule evaluation when using GF v2.4.22 or later

v1.9.1 – 08/06/2021

  • Fix editor display issues in GF 2.5

v1.9.0 – 10/05/2021

  • Add support for Gravity Forms v2.5

v1.8.12 – 19/02/2021

  • Bump version for issue with admin editor JS caching

v1.8.11 – 14/02/2021

  • Add ‘not contains’ operator
  • Display links to other fields when other fields depend on a selected field for conditional logic (supports both standard and advanced logic)

v1.8.10 – 02/07/2020

  • Fix ‘undefined index’ notices during form submission

v1.8.9 – 15/05/2020

  • Invalidate browser cache for editor JS by including plugin version in url

v1.8.8 – 14/05/2020

  • Strip HTML out of choice labels by default

v1.8.7 – 13/04/2020

  • Add support for Gravity Perks – Date Conditional Logic

v1.8.6 – 12/04/2020

  • Fix issue with confirmations not always evaluating correctly
  • Add support for GravityView’s Edit Entry page

v1.8.5 – 11/03/2020

  • Fix warning when form object is missing ‘fields’ array

v1.8.4 – 20/12/2019

  • Remove dev messages from JS console.

v1.8.3 – 16/12/2019

  • Fix issue advanced Form Button logic not being evaluated during form submission

v1.8.2 – 31/10/2019

  • Fix issue with Standard Next-Button Logic being overwritten

v1.8.1 – 30/10/2019

  • Fix fatal error when network unavailable during upgrade checks

v1.8 – 27/09/2019

  • Show/hide NEXT button on multi-page forms
  • Embed Vue library for more reliable admin editor

v1.7 – 24/09/2019

  • Add support for “in CSV”, and “not in CSV” operators for comparing against a list of comma-separated values (e.g. 123, 234, 345 – without quotes)
  • Fix –or– divider not showing on admin editor when ‘no-conflict’ scripts enabled in Gravity Forms settings

v1.6 – 09/09/2019

  • Add support for Form’s Submit Button
  • Add support for multi-part fields. e.g. “Address (Street 1)”, “Address (City)”, etc
  • Fix issue with notifications sending in reverse (acting like ‘hide’ instead of ‘show’)
  • Rewrite logic editor for admin screens for greater stability

v1.5.2 – 03/09/2019

  • Fix conflict with Gutenberg Bock Editor

v1.5 – 26/08/2019

  • Setup automated updates
  • Display admin notice when using an unsupported version of Gravity Forms
  • Fix issues with ‘hide’ logic. Including an issue where required fields in hidden sections were preventing form submission

v1.4 – 12/06/2019

  • Fix incompatibility issue with coupon addon
  • Tidy up field editor styling
  • Fix issue where “blank” conditions were interfering with standard conditional logic

v1.3.7 – 27/04/2019

  • Fix issue with “((blank))” options not working properly with checkboxes
  • Fix JS issue where front-end logic doesn’t work if core gForms JS is loaded in the footer

v1.3.6 – 16/04/2019

  • Fix “jQuery not defined errors” in JS console
  • Fix Product logic not viewing properly on admin View Entry page
  • Fix JS conflicts when using GP Nested Forms

v1.3.5 – 08/03/2019

  • Add support for placeholder text as an option with dropdowns

v1.3.4 – 04/03/2019

  • Add support for ((blank)) choice when selecting values of dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio buttons
  • Add exclamation marks to highlight values that have changed from the original target field choices.

v1.3.3 – 10/02/2019

  • Fix compatibility with processing merge tags from entries after initial form submission (notifications, confirmations, GFCommon::replace_variables() calls, etc)

v1.3.2 – 08/02/2019

  • Fix issue with hidden fields appearing in {all_fields} merge tag

v1.3.1 – 05/02/2019

  • Fix issue with JS Output interfering with some REST Requests

v1.3 – 04/02/2019

  • Fix issue with incorrect validation of required fields

v1.2.2 – 21/12/2018

  • Refactor and improve compatibility with back-end rules processing
  • Fix JS display issues in form editor
  • Performance Improvements

v1.1 – 20/12/2018

v1.0 – 18/12/2018

  • Add support for advanced logic for Notifications. Yay!

v0.5 – 17/12/2018

  • Add support for advanced logic for Confirmations. Yay!
  • Tested on:
    • WordPress v5.0.1
    • GravityForms v2.4.3

v0.4.1 – 22/11/2018

  • Display Admin Labels for field selection when applicable

v0.4 – 17/07/2018

v0.3.2 – 28/06/2018

  • Fix standard conditional logic rules being erased when Advanced Logic plugin enabled

v0.3.1 – 31/05/2018

  • Remove dangling rules in standard Conditional Logic form editor when unchecking Advanced Conditional Logic

v0.3 – 31/05/2018

  • Change rule value field to free text in form editor when comparing non-selection fields.

v0.2 – 2017

  • Evaluate ALL rules, instead of only first rule
  • Evaluate rules when doing back-end validation so errors aren’t thrown for “required” fields when hidden

v0.1 – 2017

  • Initial codebase pulled from GitHub – Thanks GravityWiz!